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10 Great Apps Every Business Leader Needs to Be Effective


Mobile Apps Revolution

When people look up to you in order to make all of the necessary decisions to run a business, company, organization or other entity, you need to have the answers they seek. Of course, you might not have all of these answers right at the top of your head, so what are you supposed to do? How are you supposed to help and provide insights into the business and assist with getting things done? You just need a little help. Thankfully, it is possible to do all of this with the help of these 10 great applications every leader needs in order to be effective. From helping you maintain a schedule to allowing you to prove successful in delegation, all of these applications can help with your personal growth, creativity and production.


Leadership Challenge

1. The Leadership Challenge

This application is designed based on a book written by two well-known authors. The application is designed to provide individuals with helpful insights as to small tips they can take advantage of every single day in order to improve their ability as a leader. From sharing a vision to challenging employees to give all they can to the company in order to boost productivity, there really is nothing this application is unable to do in terms of inspiration. When it all comes down to it, everyone needs help with inspiration, and this is an app that can help with this.

2. Zoom

Trying to stay in touch with business heads and other individuals around not only the United States but the country can be tricky. That is why Zoom offers such a fantastic opportunity for individuals looking to communicate and collaborate with each other. This is a much better application than the video services of Skype. Skype works to a minimum degree, but Zoom makes it possible to communicate with up to 25 different people in a single session, all in full HD quality.


Post-it Plus

3. Post-it Plus

Post-it-notes have long been an incredibly helpful little tool for writing down little notes and reminders and spreading them around the office or the house. Post-it Plus is a similar application but it makes it possible to do all of this through a mobile application. This app allows you to take a picture of a note you create on the app and then send it out to everyone in the office (or whoever you want to send it to). This way, not only you have the note but others as well.

4. Super Note

Inspiration and ideas come at all sorts of random times. Maybe you are driving down the highway to work and inspiration hits. Maybe you are in the bathroom. Maybe you are at your kid’s soccer game. It doesn’t matter where or when it hits, all that matters is you remember it. With Super Note allows you to record notes with your voice, snap a picture, and even color code different notes so you can organize as you go.


Igniter app

5. Igniter

This application makes it possible for you to stay on top of your own, personal values. Here, you can identify your own personal values and stay on top of them. You can learn from them and you can see how different business ideas might interact (or counteract) your values.

6. Slack

This is a texting application that really takes it to the next level. The app allows you to skip sending out countless emails with small updates, but instead you send texts through the Slack application. With Slack you can sync up different applications like Drive or Dropbox or even Giphy. It simply improves the connectivity opportunity for all of your applications and makes communication that much easier.


Day One app

7. Day One

You need to stay on top of what is important to you. That is the bottom line. With Day One, you can capture ideas you have throughout the day, record voice ideas, write a journal and create a daily routine. It is always a good idea to reflect on ideas during the day and this application makes it possible.

8. TripIt

If you are a business or professional leader who needs to travel a good amount for work, TripIt is the application for you. This app syncs up with your email and looks for travel itineraries. It is then able to put these itineraries on center stage so you don’t need to dig around for updates, which you might miss on your own.


2Do app

9. 2Do

Everyone has a to-do list they need to stay on top of. This is a productivity application that ensures you receive reminders of what is coming up and so you always know what is going on.

10. Minute

This is an application that can sync up with your calendar and help guide you through the day, assist with creating agendas and do just about everything you might need as a personal assistant.

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